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A friend of mine, Justin Baldoni, whom you may know as Rafael in the popular new show on the CW, Jane the Virgin, has started a campaign called#Good30. 

Click here to see a video on what it's all about, but the premise is simple: Spend 30 seconds doing something nice for someone else, to help someone, to make them happy. That was the mission of our friend Zach Sobiech who died of osteosarcoma on May 20, 2013.

Today, I will be selling my books at a local church festival. The proceeds for every book sold (I'm thinking it will take me 30 seconds to ring up a sale, so that's my Good30), will be donated to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund.

The fund is closing in on a million dollars and helping to find both the cause and a cure for this deadly bone cancer.

Can't come to my local festival today? I will donate another five dollars ($5) to the Fund for each of the first 100 copies of LIES BENEATH, DEEP BETRAYAL, or PROMISE BOUND that are sold today, either online or a your favorite bookstore. Just email me a copy of your receipt to

What's your Good30 for the day?

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