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My Editing Checklist

As my sequel to LIES BENEATH, currently titled WATER LILY, is coming close to completion, I’m on my “final” (insert tongue in cheek) round of edits. This is the part I love. It’s easy. It’s cathartic. It makes everything tidy. This is where I go through and take out all the little fluffy words that add…
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Publishers Weekly Announcement

The  writer's version of being pinched awake out of a dream: having your deal posted on Publishers Weekly's "Deals of the Week!" DELACORTE SWIMS WITH MURDEROUS MERMAIDS Joelle Delbourgo Associates agent Jacqueline Flynn closed a two-book, six-figure, world English rights deal with Delacorte executive editor Françoise Bui, for YA author Anne G. Brown. The deal…
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Be Sure to Eat Your (Literary) Vegetables

Today I’d like to talk about vegetables. The literary variety. You know . . . those titles that everyone is supposed to read in high school or college or grad school, those titles that no respectable reader is supposed to reach adulthood without reading. You know the ones. They're supposed to be good for you. A…
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