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And the moment we've all been waiting for . . . (drum roll, please) . . .

Tweet it, Facebook it, comment below,  and I'll pick two random names for a super fantastic LIES BENEATH prize!


*And the winners are: Gina Rosati and @Cariblogs! If you'd like to email or DM me your addresses, I'll send out something lovely. Much love to everyone who showed their support.

♥ Anne



  1. Uncle Bob
    The vision is great; cannot wait to read the words!
  2. Wow, that is *so pretty* ~flails~
  3. Suzanne Lucero
    What a spectacular cover: simple yet mysterious. I love how the title holds a double meaning. Kudos. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it.
  4. Oh, Anne, it has just the right blend of beautiful creepiness! Congratulations!
  5. Anne, it's gorgeous!!!
  6. Bee
    That is RAVISHING. Begs to be read! I tweeted:!/bee_muses/status/126388207087652864
  7. Wow! It's lovely, Anne!
  8. Oooh, that is a very cool cover! You must be thrilled with it!
  9. Erica Myers
    Beautimus! I love the reflection of the orange sunrays shining through. I can not wait for this book! I'm sure it will be amazing!
  10. Beautiful and lovely!! I hope you're happy with it. (Erica said orange sunrays shining through--interesting! I thought it looked like blood. Am I just weird?)
  11. Zoraida
    *splashetty splash* :))
  12. #1. The site looks great #2. OMG THE COVER!!!!!! It is GORGEOUS!
  13. Kerstin
    The cover is amazing! Can't wait for the release :-)
  14. Catherine Masciola
    Very exciting!
  15. Wonderful cover, Anne! Big congrats to you. I'm off to help spread the Apocalypsie love....
  16. Very cool! Love the colors.
  17. Thanks for all the love, everyone! As for me, I'm lovin' the ambiguity of the image Is it a girl? A mermaid? Is she wounded? Is she dying? Time will tell!
  18. Oh my gosh! I just LOVE the cover - that is gorgeous!
  19. Beautiful! :D
  20. Gary
    SO cool!! Can't wait to read!!
  21. BEAUTIFUL! Very very striking!
  22. eeeeeeeeee! I'm speechless with glee for you! :D
  23. Grace Radford
    I shared it on my facebook book page. LOVE IT!!! <3 Now I need to talk to someone about getting an ARC to review!
  24. Beautiful! I really love it. Very evocative!
  25. Auntie S
    Love the intrigue of the cover.........very inviting
  26. Yay, Anne! It's gorgeous!!
  27. OH! I love this cover... it's beautiful, haunting, has movement... Yes!
  28. Thanks everyone! I'll pick two lucky prizewinners tomorrow! Book bloggers, if you want to email me at, I'm keeping a list for ARCs. I don't know how many I'll get, but I'll do my best.
  29. It's gorgeous! I love the different colours and textures. Congratulations :-)
  30. Love the red!
  31. Beautiful cover. Gorgeous!
  32. Oh that is such a gorgeous cover. I'm mesmerized by the colors. Wow! I've spread the love for the cover:!/amaterasureads/status/126508206766825472
  33. Gorgeous cover! definitely does justice to the beautiful water based covers!! Delacorte Press did a great job. -thank you&come again.
  34. Ooh so pretty and intriguing! Can't wait to check it out. :)
  35. I spread the word on Facebook, twitter and Lies Beneath is my WOW pick this week :-)
  36. Hi Anne! Lies Beneath was featured in my blog post today and I tweeted and Facebooked the link to the post! Does that count? ;) Super excited for this book!
    • Uh, yeah... that definitely counts! Thanks so much!
  37. Lovely, Anne! Elegant but a tad bit edgy. So happy for you!
  38. Steve
    wow! your parents must be really proud.
  39. Kimberly
    How exciting to see your name on the front cover! So, so proud of you! I can't wiat to read it!
  40. Thank you so much!!! Your cover is so beautiful!

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