Girl Last Seen Available Now

The songs Kadence Mulligan wrote and sang with her best friend, Lauren DeSanto, made them both online sensations. But when Lauren loses her voice, Kady can't wait to go solo. It's no secret the two had a major falling out and are barely speaking to each other. Lauren keeps to herself, scribbling song lyrics, while Kady's stardom rises steadily. That is, until she goes missing.

Because Lauren was the last person to see Kady the night she disappeared, suspicion turns her way. The only person who seems to believe that Lauren is innocent is Jude Williams, former outcast turned gorgeous bad boy, but he has reasons of his own for wanting to get back at Kady. Still, he's Lauren's only ally, and together they look back on their complicated friendship with Kady as they search for answers. But are they both really looking for the truth? Or is one of them playing an elaborate game to cover up a crime?

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