It's Officially a Trilogy!

Back in February 2011, when my lovely agent first sold LIES BENEATH to Random House/Delacorte, there was talk of it being a trilogy. Problem was, I only had a seed of an idea for Book 2 and a big fat nada for Book 3.

So, it sold as a two-book deal, with the hope that a trilogy might someday develop. There were no guarantees. So I wrote book 2, DEEP BETRAYAL, with an ending. Like, an ending ending, with just a few threads left open, just in case.

Today, I can officially say that there will be a third book! *insert huge grin here*

It's tentatively titled DARK DESCENT, and I expect it will hit shelves January 2014 (or about 9 months after DEEP BETRAYAL comes out on March 12, 2013). I'm also hoping Calder (at long last) makes an appearance on the cover. *fingers crossed*

While LIES BENEATH is told from Calder's pov, DEEP BETRAYAL is told from Lily's, and DARK DESCENT (barring any major rewrite) is told from their alternating points of view. I'm very excited about it! It was a major exercise in mental gymnastics, but I love how it all worked out. I hope you do too!



  1. Congrats, girl! This is GREAT news! :) Can't wait for DEEP BETRAYAL AND DARK DESCENT!
  2. Yay! Congrats Anne, I can't wait to read Deep Betrayal and Dark Descent!!!
  3. Congrats! I'm super excited for you! This is majorly great news! I can tell you right now that I cannot wait to read DEEP BETRAYAL *and* DARK DESCENT! They will be awesome :D
  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Excited T___________________T So happy for you!! AND me!!! I get to read more of them! Congrats!!! ~crossing my fingers for the Calder cover~
  5. Amber at The Musings of ALMYBNENR
    This is awesome! I'm excited for you and I'm excited to read the next two books! I love how you're writing the view points like that for each book. It makes it nice and even. I'll be crossing my fingers for a Calder cover for book three as well!
  6. congrats and fingers crossed for calder
  7. Thanks, everyone, for your support! It's such a huge relief!
  8. awesome news! i love that book 3 will be in alternate perspective. it's gonna be awesome knowing BOTH lily and calder's thoughts. congrats!! :)
  9. That's awesome. Congratulations.. Jenea @ Books Live Forever
  10. Shari
    Woo-hoo! More of the story to look forward to! I was so excited to hear this.
  11. Thanks, all! I'm excited to share all the news as it rolls in. And if anyone has any inspirational head shots of would-be Calders, let me know and I'll pass the on to my editor!

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