PaPeR ChAiN of PrIzEs


(I'll be contacting you by email)

FEB. 1: SUZY I. - winner of a Lies Beneath Audio Book! FEB: 2: CARRIE K. - Patchouli scented oil; FEB. 3: KEELY T. - mermaid beach glass necklace; FEB.4: KARA L. - signed bookmark; FEB. 5: KRISTIN M. - Audio Book; FEB. 6: MIKE B. - signed bookmark; FEB. 7: LISA W. - mermaid beach glass necklace; FEB. 8: KATIE. P--signed bookmark; FEB. 9: MARY C. - signed book mark; FEB. 10: MAGGIE A. - signed bookmark; FEB. 11: KIMBERLY M. - mermaid beach glass necklace; FEB. 12: TERESA K. - patchouli; FEB. 13: TANJA R. - audiobook; FEB. 14: (WITH EXTRA SPECIAL LOVE) MICHELLE F.-- a signed copy of Lies Beneath; FEB. 15: DEANNA W.--bookmark; FEB. 16: FRANKIE C.--bookmark; FEB. 17: JULIE M. - Lies Beneath;  FEB.18: CHRISTINA V.--audio book; FEB.19: JEANETTE P.--Lies Beneath T-shirt; FEB. 20: MICHELLE S. --$20 Gift Cert; FEB. 21: SAM B. --Patchouli; FEB. 22: ALLI S.--bookmark; FEB. 23: AMY S. --bookmark; FEB.24: STEPH D. --Audio book; FEB. 25: RACHAEL B.--E-Reader!; FEB. 26: SARAH M.--bookmark; FEB. 27: DEIDRE S.--$20 Gift Cert.; FEB. 28: LORI S.--Patchouli; MARCH 1: LIZZIE B.--Patchouli; MARCH 2: DAVID M.--Lies Beneath; MARCH 3: JANE A.--audiobook; MARCH 4: SOPHIE L.--audiobook; MARCH 5: JENNA G.--audio book; MARCH 6: ELLY C.--bookmark; MARCH 7: J.T.S. -- bookmark; MARCH 8: ANNIE V.--bookmark; MARCH 9: ERICK H.-- bookmark; MARCH 10: VANESSA L.--audiobook; MARCH 11: SARAH P.--bookmark; MARCH 12: ABBY A.--bookmark.


IT'S TIME! 2013 is nearly here and that means DEEP BETRAYAL (Lies Beneath#2) will be arriving soon.

When I was little, highly anticipated events were always marked by the making of a paper chain: there were 25 links to count down to Christmas; 59 links to count down from high school graduation to college; 525 links to count down engagement to wedding day (that one was a particularly long and painful wait).

In DEEP BETRAYAL, Lily Hancock does the opposite. She adds a link to a chain to count the days of Calder's absence. The longer he's gone, the longer the burden of that chain. Here's a passage:

          The paper chain hung from my bedpost, as if wondering whether I’d add a thirty-second link. After last night’s hallucination, it looked even more pathetic than it had in days past. I could see it for what it was now: an anchor, holding me back. Jules was right. I’d let my fantasies get out of control. Leaning out into an electrical storm was just plain stupid. If Calder White wanted to be with me, there was nothing stopping him. Enough was enough. It was time for me to move on. 

NOW, HERE'S WHERE YOU COME IN. On January 31st, I will make a Paper Chain to count down the last 40 days until DEEP BETRAYAL hits shelves (from February 1-March 12). The first 40 people to email me a scan or screenshot of their receipt for pre-ordering DEEP BETRAYAL will get their name written on one of those links. As each link is removed, the person associated with that day's link will win a prize. I will have someone else--probably my agent although I haven't told her that yet--draw from a random set of prizes to determine what the prize will be for that particular day; however, it will be one of the following:

  • Kindle or Nook (your choice) = 1 chance to win
  • Lies Beneath T-Shirt (Adult Size Small) = 1 chance to win
  • $20 Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or IndieBound Gift Certificate (your choice) = 2 chances to win
  • Beach Glass Necklace = 3 chances to win (image is representative; they're all different)
  • Signed Copy of LIES BENEATH = 3 chances to win
  • Patchouli scented (mermaid scented!) essential oil perfume = 5 chances to win
  • Audio Book of LIES BENEATH = 10 chances to win
  • Signed Bookmark=15 chances to win
**Email your receipt to, along with your mailing address so I know where to send your prize.**  Obviously I'm working with a limited number of links so once the 40 links are called for, that'll be it. Also, your entry has to be received by 7:00 p.m. ET, January 31st because I'll be making the chain that evening. I will post each day's winner on my blog, but all prizes will be mailed out after March 12, 2013.  Okay, that's it folks. Let the Count Down Begin! Quick Links for Pre-Ordering: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound
**U.S. and Canada only. Sorry International friends, but the shipping costs on some of these prizes limit me--not my appreciation for all your support!


  1. Rachael
    I entered the contest ;)
  2. Lisa Wright
    YAY! I'm entered... so excited...
  3. This is such a great idea! I won't steal anyone's spot, but I just wanted to say how much I love this! :)
  4. Keely
    I'm so excited - thanks for doing this Anne. :) Can't wait to read the book next month!!

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