PROMISE BOUND Enters the World

Dear Readers,

I am very pleased to announce that PROMISE BOUND released on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, and despite ridiculously cold temps in Minnesota (-50 windchill), readers came out to celebrate with me, filling the room and spilling out into the hallway. I wish I took a picture. : )

I am extremely proud of how the trilogy wrapped up. It challenged me as a writer, and I hope it will entertain you the reader! I've also been very pleased by the first reviews:

  • Justine Magazine (@sparksbookclub) tweeted today, calling PROMISE BOUND an "A+ Finale;"
  • Booklist calls it a "propulsive tale of love and war;" and
  • Kirkus calls it "sophisticat[ed]" with great characterization.

But now I REALLY want to hear what you thought of how the story wrapped up. Comment below and please post your reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

With love and gratitude,



  1. Eric
    I was a little disappointed in how series ended. It had great potential but ended with a lot of unanswered questions. It seemed to be really rushed at the end and had a feeling that you were just trying to "wrap it up" when there was great potential for it to be an amazing ending! I'm a little disappointed for sure - but I'd still recommend the series if only because of the first 2 books.
    • Anne Greenwood Brown
      Thanks, Eric. I'm glad you enjoyed the series even if you still wanted to know more at the end. I considered doing a "Where are they now?" Epilogue, but that seemed like a Harry Potter rip off. In the end, I decided to leave the characters' futures to the imagination of the reader. But if you're interested in knowing what I think happens next, Mrs. Hancock's disease will slow but will not stop; Sophie will grow up to be a highly sought-after therapist, living a rather normal life in the Twin Cities; Pavati and Daniel will make a real go of it and do right by Adrian; Calder and Lily will marry, but not until after Lily graduates college at UMD (Duluth); Calder will follow Lily to college but won't enroll himself. He never saw much point in school. And most importantly, there will be peace in the lake.
      • Briana
        Thank you for telling us this! It really puts my mind at ease. I'm glad Mrs. Hancock's disease slowed but sad to hear that Sophie never transformed. I have to say, at times, I really wished you hadn't included Lily's perspective. Sometimes I just did not like her and if it had stayed in Calder's POV, maybe that would have been different. But honestly, other than that, I really enjoyed this series!
      • Eric
        I, too, am a little saddened to think that Sophie never transformed. But her ability to read emotions would make for a great psychologist. I really wanted to know more about what happens with Calder and his mom. How did they catch up? What's was her side of the story? What type of questions did she have for him for being gone 40 years and still looking 19? The same with Jack's sister. After she's seen all of this mermaid interaction, what happened to her? Did she tell anyone? Go crazy? Leave it alone? Lot of stuff to be told there! I don't think that an epilogue would have summed it up anyway - I think that the potential is there for another GREAT book just like these 3 should you ever choose to revisit it. Thanks for the response though and for the great story!
  2. Chris
    I lost a lot of sleep over all three books. It was easy to be able to let my imagination match the words I was reading. Talking with my daughters yesterday I told them I thought there would be another wrap up sometime in the future. Though I really was not necessarily expecting one. Glad to have finished the books I was reading first though it made yours more entertaining while not having to think about the others. It was a great suprise that [SPOILER ALERT]. Thanks Anne
  3. Jenna
    Haven't gotten to the new book yet, but I LOVE the first two so far! This is by far one of my favorite series, and I love how different it is from what you'd expect in a traditional 'mermaid' novel. Might be a little attached here, but when I found a patchouli soap the other day I almost went ballistic at the idea of getting it. Is there any mention later of what the other mermaids smell like? Awkward question, I'm just curious!
    • anne
      Hi Jenna, All the mermaids smell the same, and go back and get the soap! I have patchouli soap, perfume, scented oils.... Love it.
      • Jenna
        Neat, thanks! I loved how it smelled, but I wasn't sure if maybe the ladies smelled any different. Definitely heading back to LUSH to pick some up! (:

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