Publishers Weekly Announcement

The  writer's version of being pinched awake out of a dream: having your deal posted on Publishers Weekly's "Deals of the Week!"

Joelle Delbourgo Associates agent Jacqueline Flynn closed a two-book, six-figure, world English rights deal with Delacorte executive editor Françoise Bui, for YA author Anne G. Brown. The deal is for a new series about, as Flynn dubbed them, "murderous mermaids." The first book, Lies Beneath, follows protagonist Calder White, the sole boy in a clan of vengeful sea creatures, who with his sisters concoct a plan to murder the man they blame for their mother's death. When Calder falls for the bait—the supposed murderer's 17-year-old daughter—the plan goes awry. Lies Beneath is scheduled for summer 2012.


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