This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a writers' retreat at our cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin, near the shores of Lake Superior. I invited a number of fellow authors, hoping a few would agree to join me. Along for the ride came: Tiffany Schmidt (Send Me a Sign, Bright Before Sunrise); K.M. Walton (Cracked, Empty); Elisa Ludwig (The Pretty Crooked trilogy); and Heather Anastasiu (the Glitch trilogy).

Among the highlights were getting chased through the woods by a black bear (ok, chased might be a little much but definitely followed), a boat tour of some of the Apostle Islands, a really strong Gin & Tonic at Tom's Burned Down Cafe, and . . . oh yeah . . . a heck of a lot of writing. Actually hours went by with no sound other than the clickety clickety clickety of 50 busy fingers.

At night we shared what we wrote. I was blown away by the diversity of style and sheer entertainment factor of what my friends were creating . . . all while putting away as much dehydrated mango as they could fit in.

A few things I learned:

1. Elisa Ludwig is a great cook and knows a lot about facial implants.

2. Heather Anastasiu can dictate her novels.

3. Tiffany Schmidt is afraid of blood and bats, but apparently not bears.

4. K.M. Walton can tell a wicked ghost story that made us all fear for our children. (We called home. They were fine.)

And I hoped they learned something about me, too.

Rumor is that another retreat is planned for the not too distant future. I can't wait to recharge with these women again!

TomTiffany Schmidt and I walking into Tom's Burned Down Cafe on Madeline Island.

(Photo credit K.M. Walton)



  1. Shari
    What a great way to spend a weekend. Hope we'll get to seem some of the great writing that comes out of it! :-)
  2. Gina
    I'm so sorry I missed this!! Sounds like lots of fun, writing, and spirits happened. xox
  3. Thank you so so much for hosting us. It was truly spectacular. And Gina, yes, your ears should have been ringing because we talked about you and your book!

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