Some Updates

Every week it seems there's something new to smile about. This week I got to see the LIES BENEATH cover with the blurb from Gretchen McNeil.





Then I was given the "go ahead" to release the revised title to Book 2, which will no longer be "Book 2" but will answer to



which is appropriate on so many levels!

 Then I was shown the cover to DEEP BETRAYAL, and this is where I run out of words. It's just so pretty. I wish I could show you, but I can't. Not yet. But hopefully soon. Because it's just so darn pretty!

Another Update (3/8/12): Translation rights for both books sold to FRANCE! C'est vrais! Je suis tellement heureux! Formidable!


  1. Was that title one of the ones a reader submitted? I like it! And I can't believe there's a cover for it already!
    • It's one I suggested to my editor a loonnnnnnggg time ago and forgot about. Glad you like it!
  2. Also, I'd love to add the countdown widget to my blog...but it doesn't take me anywhere to get code. :(
  3. Safari Poet made that for me. I can send you the code.
    • Ahh! I know her! But I had no idea she knew how to make that stuff! I must go speak to her on Twitter. ;)
  4. Mary Strauchman
    I live in Michigan and I love All our Great Lakes. I am sooooo excited to read you novel about mermaids, killer mermaids in the deepest, coldest, most mysterious Lake there is! Thanks for writing it!
    • Well, you're welcome, Mary! I hope you like it. I think I'm set up for an appearance at Schuler Books (Walker, MI) on July 31st. Anywhere near you?
      • Hi Anne! I've just started reading LIES BENEATH and decided to check out your website... I'm a MI blogger and saw that you're doing a MI event in July... are the details set yet? The Great Lakes Area bloggers have a FB page set up to inform one another of events and I'd love to spread the word! All best, Sara
        • anne
          I will be at Schuler Books (Walker, MI) on July 31 at 7pm, along with Susan Dennard, debut author of Something Strange & Deadly, (Harper Collins July 2012). I expect we'll each do a very short reading, Q & A, and giveaways. Susan has mentioned dressing in costume. She may wear steampunk, but I'm not much inclined to don a tail!!!! What's the Facebook Page? I'd love to check it out.
  5. Shari
    Vive le France!

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