To Mack, or Not to Mack

When you write YA fiction and it's been . . . let's say a few years since you were in high school yourself, it's always great to have some real, live teen resources close at hand. That is why I had children. I had to wait awhile for them to be useful, but they finally are.

Case in point, some slang never goes out of style. Some is out before anyone knows it's in. This week at my critique group, we got into a pretty intense discussion about the word "mack."

I didn't personally use the word in high school (mid-80s), but the members who graduated in the 90s did. Still, I hadn't heard the word until Nicki Minaj sang "He ain't even gotta try to put the mack on." (Note: That's from Super Bass, and yes, I know all the words because I'm THAT mom. And, yes, I do have a pink wig. And, yes, I know. It's super embarrassing.)

So anyway, if you, like me, want to know the definitive answer on mack, here it is from the young ones' mouths:

Screen shot 2015-01-30 at 12.24.49 PM

























And there we have the definitive word. So, if you're ever reading one of my books and the main characters get down to reciting the Declaration of Independence, just know that I did my due diligence. It's clearly not my fault.




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  1. Is this the same as "mackin' on?" Like "I was mackin' on him hard." Which sounds like much more than making out. I always jump to conclusions.

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